2017 Math, Science, and Character Camp

Upon completion of a 2 week camp that ran from Monday through Friday 9-12, New Life Trails was excited to have been a part of Northern Oklahoma Academic Tutoring Foundation’s effort. They averaged thirty-four students a day. With a pre and post test, the students increased their knowledge base by 58%. New Life Trails provided the academic material funded by N.O.A.T.F. Also, New Life Trails provided an animal each day to encourage the student attendance. N.O.A.T.F. had 95% attendance during the camp. The students also learned ten character traits with material from New Life Trails character program. Posted below are photos of the animals from New Life Trails that participated in the 2017 Math, Science, and Character Camp. july2017 062july2017 063july2017 064july2017 065july2017 066july2017 067july2017 068july2017 069july2017 070july2017 071july2017 072july2017 058july2017 059july2017 060july2017 061