Book a birthday party today!

“we loved the bunny interaction area!”

What is a birthday party at New Life Trails?

Fun for the whole family! Walking into the trails, you are greeted by our operations manager, and a slew of bunnies. We always have some new little ones that are placed in a pen for the kids to sit and play with. Once all guests have arrived, we take you on a tour of our paddock animals, where you feed and learn about our white-haired goats. 

At the pig’s pen, you actually get to go in to pet their tough skin and spiky hair. Either our llama or donkeys will be next on the list followed by our collection of unique and exotic chickens. We are always trying out new breeds, like the cochins, polish, and bantams.


Standard Children’s Party Package

$150 / 2 hours

Reservations: $25.00



Saturdays: 10:00 A.M. / 12:30 P.M. / 3 P.M.

Sundays: 12:30 P.M. / 3:00 P.M.


To reserve, contact the trails by phone or email.


To allow staff to clean and prepare for the next birthday party, we ask that your decorations, presents, and food be removed from the paddock area before horse rides.

New Life Trails Ministries is a non-profit organization. All revenues from birthday parties go directly to the care of our animals. That’s right, all of it!

Time is set aside for your birthday party, cake, food, and of course, gifts. We bring either Boo, our miniature horse, as a unicorn; Mr. Buttons,
our miniature painted; or Kidder, our standard quarter horse, into the paddock to ride the birthday party child to the corral.

All children present will get a turn riding one of the miniature horses.The birthday boy/girl will get the first and last ride of the evening.