Celebration of Logan’s Life

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Some things in life are so far above our human capability; it can only be heaven. Today was one of those days; Logan’s Barn dedication.  As I entered the gate and made my way to Logan’s Barn for some last minute touches before the dedication service, I was humbled. I felt like I was walking in someone’s dream. Could it have been less than a year ago that my hand touched his hair, my eyes captured his smile, and his voice echoed whispers of concern, not for himself, but those who entered his room? .”Thank you for coming to see me,” A little 10 year old boy fighting for every second of life that he could steal after cancer had taken his strength and death was waiting at his door. And now, I was standing in the presence of a barn. A red barn that he had dreamed of. A barn to care for the animals that we brought to him. Again, his thoughts were of others.

Among the guest, were Skittles, the one day old lamb that we gave Logan, and Isaac, a sheep that hopped around on Logan’s bed. Also, a chicken, and the black rabbit that cuddled against Logan’s cheek, the only place that he had feeling left on his body. They all stood by the steps leading into the barn to greet those who came to see and learn more about Logan and his Red Barn.

Included in the guest were the seven others that stood at the base of the steps laying the path to the understanding of the presence and power of God’s work through animals over the past year and in years to come with the assistance of Logan’s Red Barn: Bro. Larry Nigh that first led Northeast Baptist Church in three consecutive years of assistance on the Great Day of Service, led us in prayer, Justin Pickup who was Logan’s Hospice chaplain shared about the value of the comfort that comes from animals. Gary Wilburn from Humanity Hospice who led a camp for children that have experienced loss embraced the animals as a method of therapy. Next, Breanne Ross, a youth volunteer that initially took the animals to Logan’s house to see him when he was too sick to fulfill his “Make a Wish.” Breanne reminisced that she had never seen so much sadness and so much laughter in a room at the same time. The laughter was predicated by the chicken flying onto Logan’s cousin’s shoulder and pooping on him. Following Breanne’s rendition, Ginger Henley, director of the Northern Oklahoma Academic Tutoring Foundation camp, and  Reading Specialist

There is no footprint to small to leave it’s imprint on this world.