Chunky was from the first litter of pigs that we had at New Life Trails. There were 11 in the litter. I have never seen anything so cute as all those little pigs running around!  We had never raised pigs before and did not realize that the mother could roll over onto them. After we found out that she did and it took several of their lives, we removed the piglets and bottle fed them. It was a very difficult thing to do.  My daughter kept them in her house, and I stayed there with her trying to save their lives. There were only 3 that survived. Chunky stayed with us while the other two went to a wonderful home. Chunky brought so much joy and laughter to our home as we watched him run to the refrigerator every time you opened it, climb on top of you, sleep in the bed, and be a total delight.

Chunky has remained a house pig.  He hates the cold, and will refuse to go outside if it is windy. He has made visits to New Life Trails, but he does not like the other animals and runs to the gate to get out.  He knows how to open doors to get snacks in the house, and likes to eat the wallpaper in the house.

When we travel, he does not like the trailer, so he has to ride in the car.  We still have not taught him to load on his own, so it can be a job to get him into the vehicle.

My favorite moment with him is at our Wednesday night church when our pastor got down on all 4 and let him get a cookie from his mouth. A memorable moment for all of our children to watch at church!!!