God had put it on my heart to have a live nativity from the start of New Life Trails. We didn’t have any money, so we were looking for someone to donate a donkey.  We found an advertisement about a donkey at a kill lot that needed a home. They still charged, but there are individuals that will pay that charge if you give them a home.  This was one of those time. Although, a mule had been pulled off a kill trailer and placed with the donkey and we would need to take both. We were lead to take both, and soon they were delivered to the New Life Trails.  Lizzi was the name given to the donkey and we decided to keep it. From the start, we fell in love with Lizzi and her big ears and her loud brey.

They told us when we made the arrangements to take her that she might be bred, but they didn’t know for sure.  With great anticipation we marked the date and waited impatiently!!!! So impatiently that we had the vet take blood to see if she tested positive for pregnancy.  At that time, they could tell from the reading, so we went back to waiting. We waited a few more months, and had her tested again and this time, she tested positive.  We were so excited!!! This was the beginning of our love for Lazzi!!!

We called him Lazzi because his mom was destined for the kill lot. We felt that we saved him or brought him back from the dead. If mom died, he would too.  Lazzi was short for Lazarus.

I’ve never been there and seen a donkey give birth, so I was a little nervous about the event.  It happened to my surprise earlier than I anticipated. My phone had died, and it was one of the volunteers from New Life Trails that came knocking on my door. He frantically stated that Lizzi had been in labor for 30 minutes and they had been trying to call me.  They said that his nose and 1 foot were out, but she didn’t seem to be able to do anything else. When I arrived, their was a crowd of people watching. I quickly grabbed one leg, and a volunteer grabbed the other and we pulled slowly. It was just within minutes and Lazzi was here!  He was absolutely adorable!!!!!

However, I was so surprised that Lizzi was pawing at him and biting him.  My first thought was that something was wrong, but a vet showed up and told us that was Lizzi’s attempt to get him so that predators couldn’t get him.  In wild, coyotes can smell and come quickly to get the new baby when it is vulnerable at birth. He finally made it to his feet and it was amazing. His ears looked like they would topple him over because they were so big.  He has brought hours of joy and delight to New Life Trails!!!!!!