God put it my heart early to have a sheep to tell the story of “Jesus the lamb of God.” I had sent emails to sheep farmers around our area and ask them if they had a baby sheep that we could have at the Trails.  We had no money, so it would have to be donated. One farmer replied and donated a small sheep. We took her to the farm with us to see my Mom. While there, she followed their dog around. His name was Wilhe. So we decided to turn the W upside down and name her Millie.  When she was old enough to breed, a family that my sons played basketball with raised desert sheep and made a donation. I had never heard of them, but they are a hardy and easy to raise sheep. She donated a male sheep to us so that we could breed Millie and have lambs each spring to tell the story of “Jesus, the lamb of God.” Dilly rhymed with Millie, so that is where he got his name.

When my son brought him home to us, he was so wild.  We kept him in the garage for the first few nights and when we would try and pet him, he would go crazy.  He would literally climb the walls to get away from us. It took a little time, but he gentled down, and even leads now.

Most people will look at him strangely trying to figure out if he is a goat or a sheep. He likes to stay in a barn and at that time we did not have a barn. He continually crawled under the fence and would go to the neighbors barn.  They were patient with him until he started butting them when they tried to put him back. As he got older, he liked to butt people more and more. After he bred Millie, we decided to get him gelded. He is much more gentle now, and he goes to most of our events with us.  His unique color and breed delight the children and make him a joy to get to know.