Eggs out of the Nest!

Last night when I went to feed, I saw that the chicken’s egg were all over the chicken pen. As I scanned the pen, I noticed that the door to the nest area was shut. I was sure that it was the storm the night before that was the culprit. The hens were used to laying their eggs in a specified area. When that protocol was disturbed, it was chaos at egg laying time.

As I reflected back upon this moment, I thought how this is so true of my own life. I know that when God is at the center of my life then everything else is in it’s place: family, spouse, children, job, hobby, friends, church, animals, and rest. However, when God is closed out of His rightful place, then it is chaos in my world. I’m trying to have my spouse meet needs that only God can meet in my life. I’m using church to meet my needs, instead of looking to meet others needs there. My hobbies take over my life, as my focus becomes about me instead of God. I expect perfection from my children for my self esteem instead of drawing my significance from God. I find that my body, mind, and spirit are exhausted because I am trying to control the outcomes in my life instead of trusting God to complete the work that He began. Philippians 1:6

When all is said and done, it is worth taking the time each morning to make sure that I am in alignment with God for that day, so that all the other things in my life will be where they are suppose to be.

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