My daughters grew up on farms off and on, up through their adolescent years. My youngest daughter has been living in town for some time. I guess it just got the best of her because one day she went and bought a batch if baby chicks to keep at her house.  Well, that didn’t work very well, and she contacted me to donate them to New Life Trails. Rocky was one of the chicks that has now matured. I am amazed as I look at the brilliance of his colors. God is such a One of details!!!!! Which should be a reminder that He cares and is involved in all the details of our lives.

Because I have another rooster, Rocky stays outside the chicken pen.  He roost on top of the duck pen on a board at night. When I feed after dark, and he has already roosted, I’m a little nervous about going in to feed because I am pretty vulnerable.  He has never tried to flog me, and I’m thankful for that. With a rooster, you never know when that behavior is going start. I just hope he doesn’t catch me by surprise someday!!!!!