Miracle is a rescue mule.  She was loaded on a truck that was leaving to go to Mexico to a kill lot.  She had a huge sticker on her hips that was her kill number. The manager made a statement that she did not know why she chose to pull her off, but had a strong feeling that she should.  We know that God had a special plan for her life with us. When we made arrangements to get a donkey, she had been penned with the donkey. They had bonded, and the shipper said that they had to go together.

When Miracle arrived, we were shocked.  They had told us that she was blind in one eye, and crippled, but we had no idea how bad the shape was that she was in!  She wasn’t blind in one eye, she didn’t have it, and her feet had three layers of hoof which made it terrible difficult for her to walk. We didn’t know what we were going to do with her.  We had a vet and a farrier suggest that we put he down, but we just felt that was not the story that God had for her. We found a farrier that thought that he could help her and we started on that journey.  We are happy to say today that she can walk well!!!!

Although, she is not a beauty to look at, she is loved by many.  Her favorite fan is a young girl from Marland Children’s Home. She chose Miracle over all the other animals to be a unicorn for her birthday party.  She loves to come and walk with her and spend time just being together.

We use Miracle to help individuals understand that when the world says that you are not useful, God has a plan!!!

Since the time that God began bringing animals to New Life Trails, we had wanted a donkey so that we could have a live nativity. We did not have money to buy a donkey, so we were looking for a free donkey. One day, we found a donkey on a rescue site. We let them know that we wanted to give her a home. However, we found that there was a high charge even for rescue donkeys. Fortunately, some one paid that price so that we could get her.

Shortly, after we made arrangements, we were notified that the donkey had been penned with a mule that was blind in one eye and crippled.  We were informed that they had bonded and if we wanted the donkey that we would have to take the mule too. We thought that we would be a good home for the mule, too, so we made the arrangements.

It was only a few day and they brought them to us.  When they arrived, the donkey was what we expected, but the mule was so sad.  She was not just blind in one eye, it was gone. She wasn’t just crippled, but she couldn’t walk. Her front feet had 3 layers of hoof on them from being foundered. It took forever just to get her to her pen. I was devastated! I didn’t know what we had gotten ourselves into.

She laid down a lot because it hurt her to stand. We put her hay and water close to her so that she would not have to get up.  On her butt was a big circular sticker, that had her kill lot number. We found out later that she was already loaded on a kill wagon to go to Mexico. The rescuer told us that she just felt so strongly that she needed to take her off of the kill wagon, so she did, and she put her in the pen with our donkey.

We name our mule, Miracle, because we felt  that is what God would have to do for her to survive. We took her to vet and found out her age by looking at her teeth. She was about 20 years old.  The vet recommended that we have her put to sleep as she could see very little hope for her recovery. We also saw a farrier that had the same opinion.  We couldn’t understand why God had brought her to us, just to have her killed. We looked into what it would cost and what to do with her body, but we just couldn’t do it.

We found a second farrier, and he said that he thought that he could help her, so we began work on her feet.  She gained weight and began looking better;however her feet were still in terrible shape. We even tried putting a horse boot on her.   They helped her, but they would not stay on. We questioned God’s purpose in all of this, until the children’s home brought their children out to see the animals.  The children ran to and loved Miracle! One young lady loved her even more than the rest. She said that she was going to adopt her in her heart. She wanted to have an unicorn birthday party,and she wanted Miracle to be her unicorn, even though there was a much prettier white horse.  Everytime she came out, she wanted to spend time with Miracle. It was as though their hearts had always belonged together.

This young lady had major back surgery and a sponsor in town sent her balloons with a picture of Miracle.

We have had Miracle for two years now, and her feet have finally gotten well enough for her to walk.  I watched her the other day walk, and it truly was a miracle.

When we tell Miracle’s story, we share the similarities of Miracle’s story and our own.  We are all on a wagon with a death sticker. The Bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23 and The wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23

Just like Miracle was saved from the kill lot, Jesus saved us from eternal death if we will believe in our heart that Jesus is God’s son and that He died and rose on the 3rd day and that He paid the price for our sin, and confess with our mouth that Jesus is our Lord, controller of all things in our lives. Romans 10:9

Satan tries to tell us that we have no purpose, that we are too damaged, but just like Miracle, God has a plan and purpose for our lives.