Mickey is  14 years old gelding miniature horse. He came to New life trails in 2016. A gentleman that owned him donated him to us. He had used Mickey with his grandchildren, but they are grown and moved away. 

When we went to pick Mickey up, he was difficult to load.  His owner mentioned that was one of his struggles. He also had hooves that were grown out extremely long. He was adorable though! A big ball of black fluff , with tiny black ears, and big brown eyes that would melt your heart!!!! 

His owner mentioned that he loves apples and apple treats, so we used those to coax him into the trailer, but it didn’t work. We finally ended up pushing and pulling him to get him loaded.

Once loaded, we were so relieved, but he made a horrible sound that we could not identify. We fed him an apple to calm him down. He even made the noise while he ate the apple.  We were very concerned! It wasn’t until after several visits to the vet that we discovered that he has COPD. That is a breathing disorder that can’t be cured.

He mainly makes the sound when he is running, or gets anxious.  When we would take him to the vet, we couldn’t get him to make the sound, so we would try to record him making the sound on our phones.  It was extremely frustrating.

The veterinary gave us two medications to give him, but he hated both of them. We tried them in his feed first, but he wouldn’t eat them. Then we mixed them and put them in a syringe. One of us would hold his head while the other put the syringe full of medicine in his mouth. He was so precious as he would just lay his head on our lap.  We hated the medicine for him, but loved the time with him.Unfortunately, the medicine did not help him. I discovered this one evening when I went out to feed. He was laying on the ground just heaving and gasping for air. Frantically, I screamed his name as I was running to him. I thought that we were losing him and my heart was not prepared to embrace such a thought. I put his halter on him and pulled him to his feet. Upon standing his breathing calmed and he and myself regained composure!!!! Our neighbor to the Trails offered his back yard to house Mickey. It is all grass and has a shed in it for him to stay in when the wind is blowing and creating dust that irritates his breathing.

Mickey travels with us to all of our events, as he now trailers easy. The events do not seem to bother his breathing so we are very thankful.  He is always the center of the show as he is so calm and embraces all the love and hugs that given. He gives small rides and loves for small children to sit on him.

He and we are enjoying the new life that God has given him at New Life Trails.