Muddy Water

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Scurrying around to finish up the chores for the evening, my granddaughter came up behind me while I was filling the water in the duck and goose cage. Scolding me, she ask why I was running clean water into the small dirty water tubs. It is absolutely crazy how dirty their water gets and stays. 5 minutes after I clean it, it looks like it has been standing a week.  My effort to keep it “clean” water diminished after a couple of years. So….what I do now is simply get it cleaner. I run clean water into the dirty water until it clears from running over. A secondary purpose of this practice is to give them muddy water to nuzzle around in the ground, which they love.
In explaining this practice to my granddaughter, her eyebrows drew together and she stated, “I don’t think so…”  So I beckoned her observation as I completed the task. The eyebrows that were together then raised in an illuminating manner. I shared with her that this is also an example of our sanctification process in Christ. While we are a new creation in Christ at salvation, as long as we are in the flesh, we will battle the flesh.  The Bible tells us to not be overcome by evil(the flesh) but to overcome evil with good Romans 12:21 My focus was putting the fresh water into the muddy water until it overcame it and became clear. Of course, that was a little deep and complex for my granddaughter which was simply trying to get the chores done!!!
However complex it was for my granddaughter at that point, it was a contemplating thought for me as I reflected at the end of the day. Had my focus been solely on not doing evil that day, or had it been on what good in Christ’s name that was accomplished.  This I know! If Satan can keep me distracted by all my mistakes, then I will have little energy to focus on what good Jesus can do through me.  While it is important to be aware of who I am in Christ, my energy needs to be directed to the good God wants to do through me, and then there will be little time for the enemy, the deceiver, to work his evil.