Newsletter for November 2017

New Life Trails News Letter

Dear Ones,

Going to the Trails today, I noticed something peculiar about some of the animals….! I have seen it before, but never to this magnitude!! As I looked at the hair of some of the animal, they appeared to have lick marks on them! even the cow!!!!

Who could be this mysterious licker?

Actually…., I know, but I have never seen him do it to so many of the animals. Damien is our oldest horse. He is 31. We have used him with the children for years. When time lends itself to me, I love to sit and watch the animals. It won’t be long, and I will see Damien walk over to one of the horses and start licking them on the shoulder. I first thought this action had it roots in the need for salt. However, we have salt blocks out for all the animal. Surmising that it was affection, a warm gentle smile snuck its way to my face; followed by,”That’s so sweet!” He is showing his affection to them, affirming, revealing their place in the herd,and their importance, As the oldest, I’m sure he sees himself as the caretaker of them.

Thinking to myself, I wondered how many of the individuals in my circle feel that sense of belonging, importance, and affirmation. I wondered if someone observed my husband, my children, my friends, my Sunday School class, my church, my neighbors, or the ministry that God has called me too would they see the mark of my love upon them. Even greater, would they see the mark of God’s love upon them through me?

Doug talked in service today about realizing the love, the relationship, the privilege that God has given to us through Christ. When we grasp it, then we can’t help but share it. My heart was convicted and moved to do a daily check. I could call it a “Lick Check!” Today, do I embrace the concept of God’s great love to it’s fullest?

We are God workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works(to make lick marks in our circle). Ephesians 2;10

Do you know the rubric by which to evaluate such a question? How much do I show God’s unconditional love to those in my circle? Do they have lick marks on them? unconditional is the key word

How much I receive it, is how much I will release it!

Comparatively, last week my husband left 5 yellow roses in a vase on the table for me. One might say,”What did you do to deserve that?” The answer would be that I left a pile of unfolded clothes on the couch, dishes unwashed, supper uncooked, bills unpaid, and words unsaid. The roses weren’t a statement of what I had done to deserve his love, but that he loved me regardless of the things that I did. He loved me just because I am me; pretty good lick mark, huh?…..God’s unconditional love!

Also, today (Tuesday) is “Giving Tuesday,” for non-profits. Please be faithful to support the non-profit that God has called you to. They will receive 100% of the money donated that day to their need. They can not function without support from communities. New Life Trails will be raising money for a “tutoring building.” I can’t be two places at one time. For our personnel finances, I need to be able to do private tutoring, but I also need to have the Trails open for community service workers and others that call daily to visit the animals. A small building there would allow me to do both. If you would like to donate $20 in a child’s or someone special’s name, we will be putting that name on a plaque on the building. Everyone that makes a donation will receive a calendar with New Life Trails’ animals and 12 promises from God’s Word. One to memorize each month. It will be sent or it can be picked up at the Trails.Estimated cost of the building will be $1200. You can go to facebook and donate or We have a donate button now.

Love you all in Jesus,