Symbols in Life

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Have you ever encountered something that was symbolic of something meaningful in your life? My youngest daughter would always say that God was talking to us when she would see the sun shining through an open place in the clouds. When my grandfather died, I struggled desperately with knowing whether he was in heaven or not. Upon returning home from his funeral, I pleaded with God for the resolution of salvation for my grandfather. “After all the prayers, if only I could know,” I whispered. The snow had blanketed the ground and continued to fall profoundly as I entered the driveway of our house. Tears flowed profusely down my cheek as my head rested upon the steering wheel. A song came on the radio, “Grandpa Loved the Snow.” The words of the song resonated within my heart as they spoke the message that Grandpa was in heaven tonight I know, because the snow is falling and Grandpa always loved the snow. The God of heaven, the Alpha and Omega, reached down from heaven, placed a song on KLVV, a Christian radio station, and confirmed in his child’s heart that her Grandpa was indeed with Him that night! Snow will always be symbolic of the gentleness of a great God to me.( I’ve never heard that song again, and the radio manager said that he had never heard of it)
Yesterday after going to Logan’s funeral, my heart was heavy. Even though, it was a celebration of life; the frigid jab of separation could not be escaped. Later, I was back at New Life Trails watching the seven baby lambs play with my heart in a state of melancholy; one of the lambs was Logan’s lamb that he named Skittles. Logan’s is the smallest and most frail. As I watched them frolic and play, kicking and bucking, a smile crept onto my lips and my heart felt a sense of peace. Words whispered in my heart, “How can you be sad for me? I am in a state of absolute delight, just like these little lambs!” Although much of my sadness is due to the loss of his presence with us, it was countered by the ecstasy of his heart being in the presence of His Savior.
How much of Logan’s presence we capture within our hearts and allow to make us a better person by knowing him, by knowing of him is a question each individual must answer within themselves. He had a love for EVERYONE, a love for life, a compassion for all, a strength beyond his years, a total character that enveloped this young 10 year old boy’s life in spite of disabilities and longevity of pain.
A memorial has been established with New Life Trails for Logan by his family. New Life Trails brought some of their animals to visit Logan while he was at home. “Make a Wish” was going to send him to the zoo in San Diego, but he got too sick too fast and couldn’t go. Logan ask his Dad and Mom to build a Red Barn for his lamb(Skittles), bunny, and chicken. I told him that New Life Trails was going to build a barn to house animals to serve the people of Ponca City with love. Our heart is to serve Hospice patients, nursing homes, the children’s home, Big Brother and Sister program, schools, families, children with disabilities, our disabled veterans ect…….. I told Logan that when we build that barn that we will paint it red for him and we will call it Logan’s Barn.
The heart of New Life Trails is to build that barn now. How big we can make it will depend on your partnership with New Life Trails. We have the skeleton of a motorhome garage that we can make into Logan’s Barn, or we can purchase land across from Lowes here in Ponca City, and build a 13 stall barn that will make parking, accessibility year round, comfort for the animals and those visiting, ect…..amazing.
My heart is to make a barn as big as Logan’s life, a symbol of the greatest thing of life, love. Bigger than the suffering and pain that he endured from cancer, and great as the love that he emulated.
Logan wasn’t a famous scientist, a famous leader, a famous movie star or any of the other famous things that people are that have monuments built after them, but what Logan’s life encapsulated was something much greater, something almost forgotten, something imperative to our existence as human being, ……love, love for life, love for eachother, love for those hurting emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually.
Rindt-Erdman Funeral Home and Crematory, 100 East Kansas Ave. P.O.Box 756, Arkansas City,Kansas 67005 is where they are taking memorial contributions.
We’ve given everything that we are and have to serve others in this way. What can you give? If not now; when, If not here; where, If not you; who?