Tweedle Dum

Tweedle Dum is a female miniature pygmy goat. She is three years old.  She and Tweedle Dee came to us from neighbors by the Trails. They had bought them for their grandkids.  I can still see them when they were so little in their yard. I fell in love with them. At first, they just ran when they saw me.  I would take feed to the fence and put on the ground. They would slowly come to eat it. Then, I would reach through the fence to pet them.  They were very reluctant at first, and then they tolerated it to get feed. It wasn’t long before they would call to me when they saw me come to the Trails to feed the other animals.  Even though they weren’t ours, I considered them part of the family.

A month passed and the adults were disappointed that the children wouldn’t spend the time with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  They were still very wild. The neighbors ask me if we would be interested in them for the Trails. I said, “Yes!” So we brought them to the paddock.  Keeping the older goats in was difficult, these little goats were impossible. We have coyotes behind the Trails in the wooded area. I was so concerned for the safety of these two. “Oh, my!”, we would chase them for hours when they would get out some small hole or crack in the fence.  Getting a secure pen finally made, we could rest in knowing that they were safe!

Since they were older when we got to handle them, they were difficult to gentle. They had an instinctive fear that kept them from our love.

You might wonder where we came up with their names. They were so cute growing up, and they always moved side by side. It reminded me of two characters in the cartoon Alice in Wonderland, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. While these were cute names, they were impossible to remember. It wasn’t until Tweedle Dum became pregnant that I could remember her name through association; Tweedle Dum had a baby in her tum, and Tweedle Dee was a he.  Crazy! I know!!!!!

Tweedle Dum has been pregnant twice. Her first pregnancy, she had twins.  We were sooooo excited!!! They were both males, and we named them Oreo and Creme. Oreo was black and white like an oreo cookie. Creme was almost all white, so we name her after the creme inside.  After Tweedle Dum had her babies, she became so much more gentle. We could pet, halter, and lead her. We were able to take her to events for New Life Trails, and she interacted wonderfully!

Silver Bells
Silver Bells is the daughter of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  She was born on a sunny afternoon surrounded by the New Life Trails family.  We name her Silver Bell because she was born with ears that looked solid silver, and they hung down like bells on her frail little body. Her facial markings were almost identical to her mothers.  All of our goats are males so I was so happy for Tweedle Dum to have another girl to hang with! In the days that followed her birth, we enjoyed watching her bounce around like a little ball. It is a characteristic of the miniature dwarf goats and makes them a delight to watch.She is a joyful part of our New Life Trails family!