Wilbur was purchased by my youngest daughter. She did woodworking and traded a cabinet that she had done for him. She got him as a baby and raised him in the house.  His favorite thing was to jump on her bed and sleep. When she had to move, she was not able to take him with her, so she donated him to the New Life Trails. The children loved him!  He was always willing to take a cracker, fruit snack, cookie, or whatever you offered to him. He would even take it out of your mouth.(No lip touching either!!!) Our first events were at church.  He visited our Wednesday night children’s program. While he loved to interact, he didn’t like to be picked up and he would squeal like crazy!!!!!! We didn’t train him to wear a halter, so we would have to herd him to the location or carry him.  One time, he got away and we had 20 people from the church chasing him. Finally, a friend of mine and I tackled him. It was crazy!!!!!

The Trails did not have good fencing at the beginning, and Wilbur was an escape artist!  He loved to go to a trailer park near us and eat chestnuts from a tree there. He would come back home after he was done, but I worried that someone would keep him for the wrong reason.  I called him our missionary pig because I got to know so many people in the trailer park! Unfortunately, animal control did not find his chestnut tree visit as entertaining as we did, and we were given a warning that a fine was coming if they caught him out.  It was at this time that I put a plea out to my church to help me fix the fence. The response was heartwarming. They chose to come on the Great Day of Service and put in a new fence and clear the pasture of a lot of brush. It was amazing to see the 250 people gather to help the animals and the people they minister too.

Wilbur’s cutest moments were when he and Brownie were little and used to sleep together in the shed.  I would love seeing them settled in for the night together. However, many times, I would think that I had lost Wilbur when he was burrowed under the hay so much that I couldn’t find him.

Wilbur got to be a daddy once and had 11 little piglets.  One of his son’s still is part of New Life Trails. His name is Chunky.  2 of his girls went to a wonderful home where they even get to celebrate their birthdays each year!

Wilburs favorite thing is to get belly rubs.  You start by rubbing his back and he will lay down so that you can get his belly.

He is a wonderful part of New Life Trails!!!!